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Is Norrath Gettin' Religion?

The influence of the gods of Fear and Valor is growing throughout Norrath. The acolytes of these gods are calling on the faithful for help. Those willing to take up the cause should find Bayden Cauldthorn, Valor's Knight in the Commonlands near Freeport Graveyard. The minions of Fear and their leader, Danak Dhorentath, have unearthed an ancient cave, near the Temple of Cazic-Thule. Players that want to aid him should go there, but be warned; the terrors within this cavern could send a chill through the bravest of adventurers


Something Spooky's Brewing in Nektropos

Strange things are happening near Nektropos Castle! Earthquakes have revealed mysterious crypts near the castle ruins. And some claim to hear the spirit of Lord Everling calling out from beyond.

Fearless players can unravel this mystery by taking the path through Nektulos Forest to Nektropos Castle. It should provide an exciting challenge for a full group of high level characters (level 70).


Guild Raiding

Guild raids offered by the cities have been redesigned to teach some basics of raiding, and provide guilds with a fun way to earn status. Each raid is intended for two groups, and will scale according to raid level. Successfully defeating a raid boss will award guild status, plus rare tradeskill harvests, recipe books and spell scrolls up to level 50. For higher level guilds, bosses may drop rare armor molds or patterns.

To embark on these raids, combine two groups into a raid party and find Registrar Glamis (Freeport) or Royal Accountant Fowler (Qeynos) for more information.



- The Narin Heirloom quest has been fixed. V'Tal's brother can once more be found in Fallen Gate but he is no longer triggered and not in the same spot he once was. The level of the quest has been increased, it is now heroic, and a reward has been added.
- "Tablets of the Blademaster" quest helper text should now be more descriptive.
- The Glowing Black Stone heritage quest should now accept either a palladium bangle or a pristine fashioned palladium torque.
- Residents of Beggar's Court who had completed the "Big Trouble..." quest and stopped talking to Durio Dexus should now be offered his next quest after speaking to him.
- There are some new quests available in the Commonlands for curious adventurers. Speak with Springview Healer Hanif or Tiff Squeelunkle for more information.



- Mastercrafted (rare tradeskilled) Armor, Weapons, and some treasured items have had an increase in mitigation and damage values applied to them.
- You must now be level 60 in order to use Volatile Fluid from the Halls of Fate.
- Relic patterns will now drop in fabled chests.
- Chirurgeon's Scalpel is now piercing instead of slashing.
- Grotrot the Flayer is now piercing.
- Ardevaas the Render now has a weapon type.
- The deflection on the Tom of Dark Knowledge has been changed to disruption.
- The Signet of Replenishment now replenishes power when low on/out of power
- Tranquil Wind Bracers are now cloth rather than leather.
- The food and drink sold at the Drednever Expedition in the Bonemire should now be of the appropriate level.
- Clawed Basilisk Boots should now proc properly.
- Chiller Bombs should now hurt their targets instead of heal them.
- Hex dolls now use Magic resistance instead of Heat to determine success chances of landing on target.
- Hex dolls that decrease resistances or attributes were adjusted to scale appropriately for their level.
- The Sergeant's Scimitar should now work properly for those who can wield it.
- Dragonhide Tomes are now equippable at level 62.
- Harvesting Tools will no longer spam you when you zone or unequip them.
- Cobalt Reverent Boots now have the correct appearance.
- Harvesting Tool buffs no longer stack.


Zones and Population

- Zone reuse timers are being modified to have greater consistency. Reuse timers will now follow these guidelines:
  * Small solo zone: No fail timer | 4 hour success timer
  * Large solo zone: No fail timer | 8 hour success timer
  * Group zone: No fail timer | 18 hour success timer
  * Small raid zone: 8 hour fail timer | 3 day, 20 hour success timer
  * Large raid zone: 12 hour fail timer | 5 day, 20 hour success timer
- Pets should now be able to once again attack Chieftain Merzog in Fallen Gate if he hasn't moved from the spot he initially appears.
- A number of mobs associated with dynamic camps (ring events) in Tenebrous Tangle have been made uncharmable to prevent certain situations that may break the events.
- Mobs associated with dynamic camps in Everfrost (such as Bloodhorn and Webclaw's events) have been made no-charm to reduce the possibility of the events breaking. This has also been applied to "the Prophet" dynamic camp in Sinking Sands.
- After building the store of eggs needed for training the griffon tamers and griffons have moved into their towers within the Thundering Steppes and Nektulos Forest.
- Velociraptors should no longer use stealth.
- Merchants in Maj'Dul are no longer random and will include all types of merchants. Their goods will also scale to your level similar to those in Qeynos or Freeport.
- Reviving in Blackburrow and Stormhold now place you at the front of those dungeons.
- Due to a rigorous training program enforced by the Queen, guards in Antonica are now a bit more heroic.

"Seekers of Truth and Honor"