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Heritage Quests
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Heritage Quests
Qeynos Writs
Freeport Writs
Guild Roster
Events and changes

Quest Name  Rec. Level Rating Starting Zone Starting NPC
 A Missing Mask  35  Very Good (8) Nektropos Castle
   A Strange Black Rock  25  Amazing (10+) Antonica
Scholar Al'Quylar
   A Thorn of Old  60  Amazing (10+) The Barren Sky
Fuzzmin the Lost
   An Ancient Desert Power  50  Amazing (10+) The Sinking Sands
Item Triggered
 An Axe from the Past  30  Amazing (10+) Thundering Steppes
Obsid Boulderboom
 An Eye for Power  45  Amazing (10+) Everfrost
Master T'Lys
 By Hook or By...  40  Amazing (10+) Enchanted Lands
Rukir Pineleaf
   Draco Mortuus Vos Liberatio  60  Amazing (10+) Tenebrous Tangle
   Dragoon K'Naae of the Thexians  24  Amazing (10+) Nektulos Forest
Dragoon K'Naae
   Foomby's Stolen Goods  32  Amazing (10+) Enchanted Lands
Foomby Slopdigger
   Hadden's Earring  25  Amazing (10+) Thundering Steppes
Kerath McMarrin
   Restoring Ghoulbane  30  Amazing (10+) North Qeynos
Toranim Skyblade
   Saving Soles  40  Amazing (10+) Lavastorm
Charly Ashlash
   Stiletto's Orders Intercepted  28  Amazing (10+) Thundering Steppes
   The Bone Bladed Claymore  40  Amazing (10+) Stormhold
   The Journey is Half the Fun  50  Amazing (10+) Antonica
Cru Naseto
   The Lost Legend of Lavastorm  36  Amazing (10+) Lavastorm
Fendaris K'Lorn
   The Reaching Blade of the Assassin  35  Amazing (10+) Enchanted Lands
Leelav Yekl
 The Rescue of the Green Hoods  32  Amazing (10+) Zek
Sashra Thaltalis
 The Return of the Light  20  Amazing (10+) Commonlands
   The Screaming Mace  40  Amazing (10+) Feerrott
   The Stein of Moggok: It Can Be Rebuilt  35  Amazing (10+) East Freeport
 The Teachings of Yoru  45  Amazing (10+) Antonica
Yoru the Old
   The Wondrous Inventions of a Crazed Gnome  65  Excellent (9) The Bonemire
Gimdibble Fizzwoddle
   These Boots Were Made For...  25  Amazing (10+) Antonica
Hwal Rucksif
 Training is a Shield  40  Amazing (10+) Zek
Grozmag the Trainer

"Seekers of Truth and Honor"